1042 Henderson Hwy. Winnipeg, MB

R2K 2M5

(204) 334-3627


A sign of  trust  since 1960

Rossmere Lanes is one of the oldest and most visited bowling lanes in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Both kids and adults have been coming to Rossmere Lanes since its inception in the early 1960’s. Rossmere Lanes has seen a large number of bowling tournaments over the years and is home to some of the most distinguished bowlers in Manitoba. Rossmere Lanes has been the number one choice for birthday parties, casual get together and more for over thirty years. The central location of Rossmere Lanes is one of the main reasons why Rossmere Lanes has been a popular choice for kids and adults in Manitoba.



Perfect for both kids and adults

Rossmere Lanes has a large number of activities lined up for kids which include 5 pin bowling, tournament events, golden leagues, birthday party events and much more. The lanes at Rossmere Lanes have been manufactured with strict industry standards and regulations. Individuals and families have been coming to Rossmere Lanes for a large number of years because of the warmth and the comfort provided by the sprawling location of Rossmere Lanes. If you are an avid bowler and are in Winnipeg this weekend, be sure to come in a knock down pins in style.

Welcome To Rossmere Lanes